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About Us

My ‘relationship’ with natural personal care products began as a result of frequently traveling on business; nearly 90% of the time. The time constraints often meant compromises. Forced to adjust to the different time zones, I would resort to the use of pain relievers and sought out options to relax in order to treat the soreness and ailments that afflicted me. All this proved to be futile, until I discovered the miraculous Hemp Seed Oil  and its numerous benefits to the body.

Ola Chic Naturals is a luxury beauty and personal care brand revolutionizing the beauty industry through its pure and fresh natural skin care products. Made in the USA using Hemp Seed Oil as the chief ingredient, the Ola Chic Naturals range of creams are Paraben-free, vegan friendly, environmentally friendly and has never been tested on animals. It serves as natural alternatives to prescriptions, and addresses soreness, aches and inflammation by relieving and reducing them in a soothing, calming and relaxing manner.

Our natural beauty products are easy to use and incorporate into a busy schedule. They are a great way to keep your skin feeling fresh, nourished and invigorated and are friendly to all skin types. Our Hemp Seed creams are particularly perfect for massages, divesting you of all the stress in your body and leaving you feeling calm and recharged.

At Ola Chic Naturals, our goal is to promote wellness by taking a holistic approach to beauty and personal care. This entails cultivating a culture of using natural products that are beneficial to the skin and chemical free. You too can be a part of this revolution by using our products!

 I know you will enjoy my products as much as I do!

Alison Oshodi (Co-Founder)